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 Brook's Workshop

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PostSubject: Brook's Workshop   Sat Jun 18, 2016 4:19 pm

Brook's Workshop          
Hey guys, I am now officially opening an art workshop so I can make make art for you guys! I can do anything from Forum Signatures to Avatars, and i always love a challange. The program i use is Gimp 2.8.14, I can do bundles (Example: Avatar, Sig & some image for anything), or an order of one thing. I can also add text to images, and get special fonts if there is a particular one you want (as long as it is free).
Request Slots:( More Opening Soon )

Slot 1: Open
Slot 2: Open
Slot 3: Open
Slot 4: Open
Slot 5: Open

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PostSubject: Re: Brook's Workshop   Sun Jun 19, 2016 12:32 pm

Hey Rooky! Figured I'd give ya something to do :3
The character I have here is used on another site ( as Raissa, a spunky and fiery warrior with quite an unusual pelt coloring. The image below is the one I would like to have used, and the one below that is a reference as to what she looks like. Thanks! ~Rey





(The reference is as shown above, except with a bit more white, framing the black, gray, and crimson along her forehead. The eyes on Raissa are a light silvery gray, which shouldn't have to be changed on the picture)

I look forward to seeing it! X3
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Brook's Workshop
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