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 Tatanka Springs

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The day was calm. Trees swayed in the mild, warm breeze that licked across a scrubby meadow. All in all, the scene was lovely, almost perfect.

But not quite.

A dazed looking canine stumbled through the field, stumbling over her paws as she went. Her jaws hung open as she panted against the heat and fear. regret and loneliness tugged at her fur as she plodded onwards, alone.
She stopped at a small pond, her forefeet submerged in the clear water. The she-wolf stared at her ragged reflection momentarily before clamping her eyes shut. I wish it were all a dream. . . she thought, wished. All a dream. . .

Juniper awoke slowly, her eyes adjusting steadily against the afternoon sunlight. For quite a long time, she did not stir. She was simply basking in the warm, real sun; Glad to be away from her nightmares and the sickly warmth of that "perfect" meadow. After a few more moments, she yawned loudly before lifting herself to her paws an glancing around; She was still at the Springs, and was no longer alone -- Shield was lying in the Spring, and looked absolutely terrified. With mischievous grin, she chuckled, "Not scared of crawdads, are you?" Leaping down from the rock, she trotted towards a small pool that was disconnected from the main spring. Before taking a lap from the water, she laughed, "Yep, once those buggers get a-hold of you, it takes a lot to get 'um off." Lifting her head from the puddle, she said "Well, I'd best be off." Then, not giving him a chance to reply, she loped off into the forest.

Hmm. . . she thought once she was a distance into the woods, where to go now. . . There wasn't much to be done at the den, and she had caught fish yesterday. "I guess I just explore" She muttered quietly to herself before trotting off unknowingly in the direction of Foxglove Meadow, her pace swift.

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My next post will be at Foxglove Meadow.
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PostSubject: Re: Tatanka Springs    Tatanka Springs  - Page 2 EmptyThu Jul 07, 2016 5:46 pm

Well that REALLY worked out for you... he grunts to himself when the fisher leaves, annoyed that he had to be seen like this. He lies in the hot water for another while, until he cannot feel the pain in his ribs, and then gets up and slowly walks out of the water, searching for any kind of dangers. He safely gets out and shakes himself off. Better be off before this ribs begins again... he thinks to himself trotting off to Foxglove Meadow

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PostSubject: Re: Tatanka Springs    Tatanka Springs  - Page 2 EmptyThu Jul 28, 2016 2:47 am

The multicolored fae padded through the rains, fog drifting apart and coming back together at her paws. She can't have gone far... Bramble is smart. She'd know to head back for the den. Rey thought. However, that would only make blindly searching for her harder. Rey didn't mind, she was actually grateful to be out of the densite. Too many familiar faces to deal with. Out here, it was almost like the old days. "If this dark figure lurking about is even slightly akin to the assassins I have known, I can handle it." Anslo spoke up, obviously answering to Rey's previous inquiry. Even the female couldn't hide her curiosity. "Ah, so you had assassins in your birthpack? How interesting... Rey mused, half of her mind on the conversation, half on navigation. The springs were just ahead, slightly hard to see under the dense fog. "Watch your step. Don't want you falling--" Irony took its toll in Rey as the multicolored fae went plunging into a larger pocket of the springs. Surfacing with a surprised gasp, the beta pulled herself out. Choosing not to asses what had just happened, Rey continued to head through Tatanka springs.

Bramble's scent was faint, but not residing in the area. Instead it lead north, towards Sinapu Mountain. "Of course. Alright, looks like detour is over. Let's head to Sinapu Mountain and hope we find her. Rey thought she detected movement among the trees but dismissed the thought. Just superstition. Relaying Anslo's previous words in her head, Rey nodded. "Alright, sticking together it is. I'm going to trust that you have my back. I'll watch your sides. Let's go. The emerald eyed fae began to walk in the direction of Sinapu Mountain hoping that Bramble was there.

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PostSubject: Re: Tatanka Springs    Tatanka Springs  - Page 2 EmptyThu Jul 28, 2016 5:39 am

Anslo didn't mean to laugh when the beta fell into the water, but he couldn't help the chuckle that left him. "Perhaps you should watch yours as well." He said with a grin, watching Reyas pull herself from the spring. "And yes, there were a couple assassins in my old pack. They were never really needed, but the alpha always kept them around, just in case."

The grey warrior, not wanting to fall as well, stepped carefully around the slick rocks surrounding the springs. The air was thick with fog here, and he could hardly tell where the land ended and the water began. He nearly lost his footing at one point, but thankfully didn't. He wasn't really in the mood for a swim.

Bramble's scent was weak here; the huntress had likely not been through the springs in a while. Reyas suggested heading to Sinapu and Anslo nodded, once more following beside her. As the beta continued to speak, Anslo tilted his head closer to better near her. He was glad she agreed to sticking together, and the warrior replied with a half smile, "Your back is safe with me."

As they departed from the springs, the fog lessened, but the rain was just as heavy. Anslo knew it would only get worse as they headed up the mountain, but they could deal with that when they got there. In the corner of his eye, Anslo caught a flicker of movement back towards the springs. He paused and turned to look, eyes narrowed as he searched, but the warrior could not see anything. Anslo huffed and went back to Rey.

I am just seeing things... He thought to himself.
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Tatanka Springs
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